Make the most of what's in front of you

We are often surrounded by the things we love, or at the very least, some of the things we enjoy. Although this song is a love song it's nice to be reminded to make the most of the time we have with our loved ones.

If this year has taught me anything, it's to enjoy every laugh, every sideways glance, every knowing nod, because it's this part of human contact I missed the most. 


Throw yourself through every open door

Adele has a beautiful lyric, 'throw yourself through every open door, count your blessings to find what you look for.' What a timely reminder to try every door, try out the opportunities that come your way, learn new skills, and uncover what makes you passionate!

I am absolutely passionate about introducing students to the wonders of the human voice and unlocking how powerful it can be! After damaging my vocal cords in 2011 I dedicated myself to learning all there was to know about using the human voice as an instrument. As a result, I have found a complete love for vocal rehabilitation and injury prevention, and seeing the transformation in students singing abilities!


Cherish the good memories

May this song console your soul with its reminder to recall your happy memories.

Surviving can be tough. This year will be one of the toughest years many people around the globe have ever, and will ever experience. You might have lost a loved one, are fearing you will lose a loved one, or are unable to physically hold or be held by those you love. Maybe you are literally fighting on the front lines, in the hospitals, and seeing your patients suffer horrifically without having any family or friends beside them. Maybe you have lost your income and can see no light at the end of the tunnel, no way forward, no future. Perhaps a look into our happy memories of our loved ones is worth a shot. Or it's worth allowing yourself to be proud of those last comforting words you spoke to your patient. You make a good difference in the world.


Let us remember that we are never truly alone. There are good neighbours. There is good in the world. It feels trivial to be saying these words about a song, but I believe songs have the potential to be powerful. Sing along, or not, either way allow the happy nostalgia to embrace you, like a big hug :). Recall the happy memories. Thank you Adam Levine for such a beautiful, peaceful song.


Beautiful songs 

As a singing teacher and songwriter I get so much joy from listening to new songs, learning new songs, creating harmonies and turning songs that are already pretty cool into something new!

Here's one of my cover videos. I chose to learn this song as it was one that I genuinely fell in love with when I first heard it. I continued to love it even after listening to it a million times as many students learnt to sing it late last year!

It's a beautiful song by Taylor Swift called Lover.