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I'm almost certain you've experienced a sore voice at one point in your life. Maybe it was a cold, the flu, yelling at the game too much or screaming in adoration for your favourite band, but you woke up the next day and your voice hurt.


Maybe you're part of the group of people who hurt their voice simply from talking too much or shouting at your classroom. This shouldn't happen.  


I have designed several workshops to assist people like yourself to get a grasp on what's going on with their voice when they speak, how to prevent simple injury, and understanding the relationship between mental and vocal health.

Don't have time to attend a workshop date? Take a look at the courses on offer and complete the content at your own pace.


Your natural, portable instrument

Your natural, portable instrument with vocal manipulation while singing: conveying emotion

Vocal health and your emotions

Vocal health and your emotions with losing your voice and losing confidence

$276 per workshop

includes light catering and take home resources

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