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Courses | Understand Your Instrument

Did you know that your speaking voice and singing voice use the exact same mechanisms? You can manipulate these mechanisms to create almost any sound you want, and heal from some vocal injuries. It doesn't take years of study to understand the principles and terminologies behind this technique, it simply takes a little bit of research, a little bit of reading and a little bit of practice. 

You don't have to have a vocal lesson in person to grasp these theories. I have crafted three courses that will help you explore your voice with terminology you can understand. 

As a registered TAE provider, classroom teacher and vocal coach of public speakers, artists, and theatre performers I have kept each student in mind when designing these programs.

3 great courses! 



This introductory course is dedicated to helping you understand the value in protecting your voice.

*free when purchasing the Vocalists Manual course




The healthy voice

This course is designed for public speakers and performers of any kind. A short immersive guide into the anatomy and physiology of the voice and basic injury prevention techniques.




Vocalists manual

This course takes you into the anatomy and physiology of the voice specifically in relation to singing with practical techniques and exercises to prevent injury. You will also gain knowledge on the relationship between mental health and singing.


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