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Owner of Resonance Vocal Studio

About Me

My name is Anna and I am the founder and principal teacher of Resonance Vocal Studio.


With over 14 years of performance and songwriting experience in various bands, including with an acoustic original and covers duo, performing for various contemporary church bands, and being lead singer and songwriter for an original Pop Blues band, I am confident in my ability to help you develop your performance and /or songwriting techniques. 

Completing a Bachelor of Music Performance in 2017, majoring in contemporary voice, being an academic within music research, and having a had a close professional relationship with numerous speech therapists, I am at the forefront of knowledge when it comes to your vocal health, and cutting edge and time tested vocal techniques.


My emphasis on vocal injury prevention and rehabilitation is a direct result of my suffering from vocal damage in 2011. I successfully recovered from this damage through natural (non-surgical) methods.


I am confident in my ability to help you strengthen your voice and further your musical skill set. My greatest joy is helping a student understand how to overcome their vocal struggles!


I have learned the incredible and powerful sound the singing voice can produce, and the emotion it can elicit and I firmly believe that every human being ought to have the opportunity to experience the joys music has to offer.


Cert IV Training and Assessment 

Bachelor of Music Honours Degree (Melbourne University)

Bachelor of Applied Music Performance (Box Hill Institute)

Member of ANATS 

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