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Performance Coaching

Unfortunately, it's not as simple as taking hold of a microphone and walking onto a stage into an auditorium filled with people, and singing your beloved song, and there being an encore at the end.

Seldom is someone a natural performer when they are holding a microphone, or performing in front of real life people.

I have been performing for 12 years in front of a wide variety of audiences, with sizes ranging from 2 to 500, and performed with a rather diverse set of ensembles, performing an even more diverse range of genres (Rolling in the deep in 7 genres anyone?).

I have worked with students of all ages on strategies for performing for auditions, performing in large and small, amateur and pro, theatre productions, examination recitals, VCE examinations, school concerts, music festivals, and how to perform with original or cover bands, and also as a solo artist performing live or online.

Just as you communicate differently with various groups of people, there is a difference in how you perform depending on your environment, and your audience.

So if you are a brilliant singer already, and have an incredibly rich and powerful voice while practising safe and healthy techniques, but you just need help with performance, I can help you!

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