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You've clicked to know a bit more about me so here goes! 

I am the sole owner and operator of Resonance Vocal Studio. This studio has seen many locations and is (for now) based in a home studio in the City of Frankston. Mr Franco (a very friendly hypo-allergenic cat) joins us in most lessons, but mostly when he just wants food or a giant belly rub. If you want to play with him while training your voice that's so fine! He might even help you write a song! Who knows.


I started performing and songwriting when I was 18 and since then have had numerous radio interviews, regional Australia rotation, TV performances, guest speaker spots, festival main stage gigs, and performed countless local gigs. I've belonged to an acoustic original and covers duo (with my dad)!, sang for various contemporary church bands, and was lead singer and songwriter for an original Pop Blues band. I'm now a bit of a solo act as Anna Tero and you can find me on Spotify and Instagram.


With these 16 years of performance experience in the Melbourne music scene, a qualified understanding of the vocal anatomy and physiology, and personal experience with recovering from vocal injury, you know you've found a quality teacher in me to guide you in your confidence journey. 

 I run lessons at a pace where you can choose to learn the science of singing, sing for relaxation and meditation, sing to learn a new skill, or have something fun to do each week. Helping you understand how to overcome your vocal struggles genuinely,  honest to god, brings me the greatest fulfilment in life! And, after all, I am alive to help others, so let me help you!

I have learned the incredible and powerful sound the singing voice can produce, and the emotion it can elicit and I firmly believe that every human being ought to have the opportunity to experience the joys music has to offer.


Cert IV Training and Assessment 

Bachelor of Music Honours Degree (Melbourne University)

Bachelor of Applied Music Performance (Box Hill Institute)

Specialist Study:

Music Psychology, Music and health

Head and neck anatomy

Speech, language and linguistics

Member of ANATS, Music Victoria, APRAAMCOS

Mental Health First Aid certification

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