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Strengthen your voice

Chest Voice & Head Voice

There is SO MUCH to be thankful for in this life but one of the things I love is that we're all walking around with a free musical instrument! One that we can use anywhere at any time.

A HUGE plus to having this instrument that we use all the time is that we're strengthening it all the time! As a result we all have a strong lower range (chest voice). Because we all use our chest voice to talk we've automatically strengthened it over our lifetime. We use the same voice we speak with to sing

Possibly the single most useful thing to help you feel more confident about singing is to understand that singing is simply elongated speech.

The other voice which may be stronger in some of us, is our head voice, which is that high or thin sound you have when trying to sing high notes.

The reason this one may also be strong is because when we laugh, get upset, or see a cute animal, we use it. It's important to note that it will be stronger for some than others.

Everyone has a different vocal makeup so there's no need to compare yourself to others, to feel inadequate or disappointed in your skill level.

That's my little bit o' advice for ya!

Have an awesome week!

September Weekend Bump In | 17.09.2022

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