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Learning singing improves self-awareness

woman learning guitar is practicing to boost her decision making process

When we decide to learn a new skill; be that learning to sing, play guitar, piano, or learn a language we inevitably prepare for some kind of practice routine. Whether it goes beyond the thought of “I should practice” is an entirely different story (me and all my teacher friends could probably count on two hands how many students between us practice)! Regardless of the homework routine, committing to learning that skill sees you beginning to become aware of your habits. You begin to notice new things about yourself, new processes, and new ways of thinking that you perhaps didn’t notice before.


One of the reasons I love teaching singing is, I mean, obviously the fact that I get to sing and play guitar all day, but that I get to coach people in becoming hyper aware of their vocal processes. I think one of the keys to becoming successful in life is being able to hyper focus (narrow down on the little things) on our habits.

The kind of attention you pay to your vocal processes trains your brain to focus on minute detail. 
adult learning and singing lessons boost brain activation

When we happen upon learning a new skill: maybe on a new job, or learning new machinery because you want to make wooden things at home, our brains are also activated, however it is not the same areas of learning music or language. I would argue that learning music activates more areas of the brain than language learning because it has to decode sound, pitch, rhythm, movement and memory simultaneously. And further to this you have to learn how you learn (if you want to be successful).

Learning how you learn forces you to becoming more self-aware. You are analysing yourself and your habits.


And there’s no surprises that if you can analyse yourself and figure out how to learn the thing that you are trying to learn, you become a better decision maker. Because you figured out how you learn! And then you’ll feel more confident in your decisions.


So singing lessons can actually change your life. I mean, really, they can.

If you want to start that journey I'm an email or phone call away (whichever your social anxiety allows you to do)! or 0433 091 995.

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