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Learning singing improves self-confidence

Updated: Jun 4

It turns out that when you commit to learning a new skill you commit to developing your self-confidence.

a child learning to sing into a microphone

Ever seen a confident person and wonder how they do it? Perhaps you've watched them strolling into a bar, a packed out function, or strutting their merry selves around your workplace. You've seen them and thought to yourself "I wish I had some of that energy." Some of it is most certainly a 'fake it till you make it' situation, but other parts of self-confidence come from a very tangible part of our brains. The pre-frontal cortex. The part which controls our executive function. The functions which control how we manage our thought processes.

According to research learning a new skill thickens you pre-frontal cortex. And the thicker that is the better your executive function is.

Executive functions include things like self regulation, flexible thinking, attention and focus, planning and prioritising, time management, working memory, impulse control, and oh my god there's just so many things! It's a wonder, really. I grew up believing the pursuit of hobbies to be frivolous.

music training improves brain function

a woman sings confidently into a microphone and her brain function is stronger

Because I completed my formal music training as an adult, and after the fact completed music psychology study I learnt just how much music training improves brain function. I actually approached the research with doubt but was happily proved wrong. How fascinating and wonderful that we are in control of improving our brain functioning into adulthood.

Our brain function isn't set in stone once we become adults or once we've finished high school or university. Simply by applying ourselves to learning a new skill do we improve ourselves.

Simply by applying ourselves to learning a new skill do we improve ourselves.

The better your brain feels the better you feel.

The better you feel the more confident you feel.

And with self-confidence who knows what you can achieve?

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