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Learning singing for self-care

Needing a space for yourself? Maybe you don't get enough time to work on you? A block of time where you can relax into building new skills?

Welcome to singing lessons at Resonance Vocal Studio! I suppose it might sound like a stretch if you've never experienced a singing lesson, but once you're over the initial nerves of singing in front of a stranger you can relax and feel confident that it's a non-judgemental 30 minute session focused on you. And it turns out the more you practice focusing on yourself the better you become at it, but more on that later.

By talking about focusing on yourself I don't mean being selfish in the way of arrogance and pride. It's a different sort of self-focus. The kind that sees you actively putting your brain and learning first. By paying attention and repeatedly doing "the thing" your brain actually becomes better at it. Be that a thought pattern, habit, or in our case a skill. Consider it growing as a person without reading a self-help book. Without having to do research on yourself and fill out endless questionnaires (which, by the way, I absolutely love doing this).

If you're able to put the 30 minutes into yourself, becoming hyper aware of how your body reacts to your breathing, and to your vocal movement, imagine the training your brain is getting!

It's being told that YOU think YOU'RE worth the time, that YOU think YOU can do it, and that YOU want to fill YOUR cup. How full might your cup become in that one session? Not only are you practicing breathing techniques (for mindfulness), but you're also learning new musical skills. Skills that once you begin to build and develop your self confidence grows. Self-confidence might help you overcome the obstacles to helping others.

Embrace the philosophy that when we put time into ourselves and fill our cup we can pour into others.  Helping yourself first in order to help others.

So it's a bit of a win-win really! You get to relax, do some breath work, have a bit of a sing, get better at singing, practice self-care, exercise your self-confidence skills and have a fun mid-week music session!

If that sounds like something you'd like to get involved with contact me today Head over to the Facebook page or Google and check out reviews of those who have been in this therapeutic singing learning space.

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